Family shoot at Sanders Park

I just got back from a family shoot at Sanders Park with Michelle, Joe, Eva, & Archie, and I just had to blog it! I have known Joe and Michelle now for a while due to being in the wedding industry. Michelle is an amazing wedding singer and we have built a friendship over recent years. Check out her amazing singing and music here – Michelle Williams music.

The shoot was just perfect in every way, the sun was shining and there were just so many opportunities for us to get some fab shots. I am so pleased that Michelle and Joe hired me to be their Worcester portrait photographer, I had a blast! For this shoot I first wanted to approach it in a relaxed and laid-back way, so I started with some posed shots on the band stand and then we moved to a quiet spot in the park. There were so many people out, so we needed to find some private space. Here are some shots from the band stand.

Worcester Family Portrait Shoot At Sanders Park 1Worcester Family Portrait Shoot At Sanders Park 2

After that, we walked around and found a piece of grass where Eva and Archie could run free! So I literally lay on the ground and took photos of them both running around having fun! Archie was fab he was so happy being in the park, and Eva was happy playing near the willow tree and loved having her photo taken. Here are some shots from this moment.

After this, everyone came back together and we spent some time playing with silhouette shots, and using the sky as a backdrop. We then sat down on a small hill, and took some relaxed shots, catching their natural personalities! Here are a few of the shots we took.

If you are reading this and would like to find out more abut having your own family shoot, please do contact me here, and thanks for taking time to read this blog! Take care, Aaron.