Wood Norton Wedding Photography

Katie and Stuart’s wedding at the Wood Norton, was such a spectacular day! Although it was right in the middle of winter, we didn’t let that stop us! Yes, the light was limited, but we made sure we got all the best shots in! We had swing shots, group shots on the grounds with the beautiful Worcestershire countryside as their backdrop, and Katie even chose to have a shot of her being flung up in the air!! It was so much fun from start to finish! Thank you guys for hiring use as your Wood Norton Wedding Photographers! 

Katie and Stuart's fabulous Wood Norton Wedding 1As for the venue, well I cannot speak highly enough of The Wood Norton Wedding Venue. It is just perfect! They have really blended the mix of their old and classical building with their modern Orange room. The grounds are just perfect, and towards the end of their land you stand on a section that looks out onto the picturesque Worcestershire countryside. Its just beautiful! 

It has also been given an impressive review from the Telegraph destinations review. Here is what is said about them and I totally agree! ‘The Wood Norton is a wonderfully intriguing place…Its wood-panelled interior is remarkable, its grounds and views halcyon’ 

Pre bridal preparations 

I arrived for the pre-bridal preparation and Katie was just glowing sitting on the make-up chair getting ready. Hair and make up was done by Rebecca Haines. It is my first time working with these two and they were brilliant! They did such a great job.

I photographed Katie at her mum and dads home in great Malvern. Being a Worcester wedding photography is brilliant because there are so many beautiful areas to photograph and when I arrived at their great Malvern destination, the house was covered in Christmas decorations and beautiful scenery as I looked out onto the back of the garden onto glorious Worcestershire hills.


Neil our other photographer was spending time having fun with Stuart and his groomsmen! This is a great example of why having two Worcester wedding photographers is a great way of making sure you capture everything! If you have the budget to hire two photographers with us, I highly recommend it!

Here are some shots from the Groom prep.

The Ceremony

We then arrived at the Church and prepared for the big ceremony. This was my last stop until we got to wood norton for the reception. Katie and Stuart were married at the idyllic Church of the Sacred Heart and St Catherine of Alexandria in Droitwich. This beautiful church is 100 years old, and built by two solicitors. As you can see it is just the perfect place to have a ceremony. Here are some images from the church.

Wood Norton Wedding

The rest of the day was spent at the fabulous Wood Norton Wedding venue. As soon as Katie and Stuart arrived, we were straight into the images, as we didn’t have much time before the sun went down. We nailed it! And had a lot of fun along the way!! Here are some shots from the rest of the day!

Room decorations by the totally awesome The Wedding House! These guys are simply the best, and I love photographing any wedding where they have decorated!!




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