Here are my top tips to making sure that you get the best out of your wedding photography. In this blog, I want to share some tried and tested wedding photography tips I always suggest to clients before their big day. They may be simple ideas, but they are powerful when thinking about your photography! These are my top tips to making sure you get great photos on your wedding day:

TOP TIP 1: Find the light
During your make-up and hair preparations try to place yourself near a natural light window as much as possible. Natural is a good source used to capture those soft beautiful images everyone loves. Maybe you can suggest to your hair and makeup stylists that you would like to be faced near a window if possible. Most will agree, and be open to this also, as it will make their job easier to do.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much light, as we bring along additional lights to mimic the daylight, so no issues with us. However, window light is great whenever we can capture it!

TOP TIP 2: Try to keep your room tidy and clutter free
If you are having pre bridal shots, we know that there is a lot goes into getting ready, especially if there is a large group of bridesmaids!! However, the tidier your room can be then the more easier the photography will be. I can arrive and simply begin shopping and capturing the best moments as they happen.mHere are some things you can do 1) remove clothes off beds, 2) keep preparation areas free from clutter, 3) have any items your would like photographed ready, finally 4) Make sure there is room for me to get around, if you can!

TOP TIP 3: Don’t worry we will capture all the best shots from your day!!
We have photographed hundreds of weddings and have experienced all sorts of situations! We know how to capture the best shots in the moment, and know how to do this under pressure! Remember you have hired us for our image style, quality and creativity so you know what you will get: awesome images!!

However, If you like to go through Pinterest, google and look for nice image ideas, then don’t forget to save a few and email them to me, within reason of course! ha ha! The more I have an idea of what type of images you like then I can get ready for as many as I can, and fit them in to my usual way of working. Of course, we won’t be able to cover every single image you, however the more organised and prepared we are then the more shots we can get!

So, I would suggest saving a few for different examples e.g. preparation shots, bridesmaids shots, groomsmen shots, any creative shots, etc. What we can do for you is prep for these desired shots, and get as many as we can for you. Of course, the day will run its natural course, and sometimes we may not capture them all, at least we can fit your shots into the way we work and get the best results for you!

TOP TIP 4: Designated person or persons! 
We are more than happy to photograph shots of your and your family and friends in a more formal way if that is what you require. To do this most effectively I recommend making a list of images you want and then scheduling in time to do this. I would also recommend you have a designate person or persons to round everyone up!! Please remember we do not know your family and friends so we recommend giving the list to someone who does. Then we can round everyone up and take the shots! easy!

TOP TIP 5: Mobile phone usage
I have a blog with more details about mobile phones you can access here.

For some couples, they are not too fussed if guests take photos, and thats fine, I see this as part of your day, and I totally agree for those natural shots I am capturing. We are in a digital world and thats just fine! However, there are some moments during the day where I have noticed couples would prefer to ask guests to not take photos.

If you have considered this may be an issue for you, then maybe you should have an acoustic ceremony. This is where no one uses their devices and just sits back and enjoys the ceremony! Or, you could ask them to not photograph certain key moments.

I find that certain moments work best without obstruction of mobiles, or other camera devices. They are 1) Bride entering the ceremony 2) First kiss 3) Signing of the register 4) Bride and groom walking up the isle 5) Cutting of the cake 6) First dance.

Finally, I could not have wrote this blog without the awesome wedding venues that are featured! I love working in all of these venues! They some of the best Wedding venues in the West Midlands!  Forest of Arden, Wood Norton, Redhouse Barn, Safari Park, Regency Hotel, Plough and Harrow, Lyde Court, Burlington Hotel

I hope this list has been helpful for you!! and please do let me know if its helped or if I have missed anything!!

Thanks, Aaron.